Coach with Katy offers a powerful and unique style of coaching.

My approach blends the science of the mind body connection, the eye opening world of clinical hypnotherapy and the creative tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

All combined within the frame of an inspiring, compassionate and supportive conversation.

I offer a fully personalised approach, finely tuned to focus on you, your life and your goals; rooted in creating and embedding the state of mind you choose, as the most useful mindset for you to live a life you love.

What can you expect in a Coach With Katy session?

A session is entirely client focused and tailored to YOU.

Having identified what it is that YOU wish to transform, we have a short, empowering conversation in which I ask intriguing questions to explore different perspectives and resolutions that you may not have thought of before.

We identify tangible, clear and practical first steps to empower you to action.

We then dedicate the majority of our time together to truly embed your desired change. Employing the tools of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy I invite you to fully relax, to allow your unconscious mind to be heard. From this place, you are able to truly focus on YOU and YOUR needs, in a unique way.

Through creative processes involving visualisation, stimulating description, story telling, intelligent use of language, your behaviour patterns, sometimes physical movement and always empowering choice, we allow your unconscious mind to be our guide.

You will finish the session with a deep sense of calm, a more balanced nervous system and transformative change in respect of the issue you arrived with.

What would you love to change in your life?

For insight into the huge range of issues that the Coach With Katy approach can transform, have a read of Work with Me.

Inspired by what you have read?

Eager to know more about how my powerful and unique approach could support you, as it has for so many others already?