Chronic Illness Recovery

In 2010, I became ill with a severe case of the flu. Fast forward a few months and I was still off work, totally floored by an unknown illness. Even though the acute respiratory symptoms had subsided, I was left with crippling fatigue, zero energy, joint and muscle pain, food intolerances, sleep disturbances, migraines and more. Eventually I was diagnosed with M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was largely housebound and used a wheel chair when I did go out. Life was severely restricted to short bursts of simple activity followed by enforced rest.

Having tried everything, the medical world had to offer, and a whole host of alternative therapies as well, by 2013, I had been ill for nearly 3 years.

It was at this time that I discovered the science of the Mind Body Connection and the world of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy. In depth coaching and use of the tools and learnings that this approach offers got me out of my wheelchair, back on my feet, bursting with energy with an amazing joy for life.

It took practice, patience and persistence, a new perspective and willingness to be creative and look at life in a different way.  But I have not looked back since and could not be happier.