I’ve worked with people from all over the world, in all walks and stages of life.
They have all transformed their lives.

Here’s just a small snapshot…

Overwhelmed and stressed out? So was Caroline.

‘My time with you felt like sinking into soft, silk pillows. It enabled me to deal with the next 36 hours with a smile on my face and a contented heart’.

Fear or phobia controlling your life? That was Rebecca’s reality before working with me.  

‘I cannot thank you enough for helping me to overcome my fear of spiders. It has honestly been life changing in the way I handle situations when I meet a spider! Without meaning to, I’d passed my fear on to my son and since I had my session with you, he is now becoming more confident and even told me he was happy to sit next to a spider at forest school!! This is unheard of, he wouldn’t walk past the smallest of spiders just a few months ago! Thank you, thank you, thank you Katy!’

So stressed out, experiencing physical symptoms? Mel suffered with acute heartburn due to her stress.

‘I’ve not had a heartburn attack since our session and have been applying the method whenever I feel rushed and pushed. Thank you, you’re doing a great job!’

Desperate to stop smoking? So was David.

‘The session was brilliant…I haven’t had any cravings since and the times when it was the hardest i.e. the mornings and after meals, no cravings at all. I find this brilliant and will be recommending you to others.’

Personal upset stealing your joy? That was Audrey’s situation.

‘It is very hard to trust a complete stranger with such personal topics. However, Katy was able to build a safe space and trusting environment for me to express myself.  From the first session, she validated my feelings, reminding me constantly that nothing was wrong and that everything could work itself out. She showed great professionalism and her positive energy is contagious. I highly recommend working with her and I am looking forward to continuing my sessions!’

Sally had been struggling to fall asleep for years.

‘The difference in my sleep is night and day! I’m now able to fall asleep quickly and wake refreshed. It’s wonderful!’

Holidays a source of stress due to fear of flying? You’re not alone, meet Diana.

‘Our session worked really well! I was 80% better at take off (my worst time) and 100% ok the rest of the flight and landing!! You are a star! Thank you so much, it was such a good experience, like I haven’t had in years. I will recommend you to others for sure!’

Have you lost a loved one & struggling with grief? Mike had a trasnformational change to his grief.

‘Katy made a profound difference to the way that I feel about losing my Mum. I’d been stuck in a narrative of all the things that Mum missed out on in life, which came with a terrible sense of regret and heaviness. Katy, with warmth and compassion, gently helped me to transform these feelings into a sense of acceptance and celebration for the ways in which Mum is still alive in me. It genuinely felt like I reconnected with my loved one in a way that I hadn’t had before. Thank you for this beautiful restoration, Katy. It’s completely changed the relationship with Mum that I hold within me.’

Struggling with chronic illness? So was Matt.

‘Katy was able to help me overcome a feeling of helplessness and ingrained inevitability about the exhaustion and brain fog I’d had for so long. An almost immediate improvement gathered pace quickly and I was very shortly able to do things both physically and mentally that only recently would have floored me. I have recommended her to others and will do so again. Thank you Katy!’

If these people can make such phenomenal change, just imagine what you could do.