From pregnancy through childbirth and onwards, it’s a true journey.

Everyone’s entry into motherhood is different.

For me it was filled with anxiety, overwhelm and uncertainty. Working with my Coach, I used NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy to empower and transform these overwhelming emotions; enabling me to embrace all the joy, and change, that motherhood brings.

I managed the pain and energy of labour and childbirth using the same transformational tools; harnessing the power of my mind to support my body. Preparing my mind in advance, and then using the tools I’d learned on the day itself.  Through this work I learned to believe that I could and would do it. And I did. Twice!

When anger and frustration arose due to unmet needs, loss of who I was and sheer exhaustion, again I turned to NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy to navigate my way through it.

Our children learn from us. Our states of mind are contagious. Being able to manage my own emotional state, responding and reacting to the inevitable meltdowns and moments in a nourishing way, modelling these things for my children has only been possible thanks to NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I come back to these tools day in day out, both personally and professionally.

However you find being a Mother, coaching, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy enhances the experience, allowing you to fully embrace being the Parent you want to be. I know this from personal lived experience and also through the eyes of the many clients I have worked with on similar journeys.

I love that I am now able to support other parents.