With a significant birthday this week, I thought I’d indulge in a little reflective post. And offer some insight into what is possible from a mind body perspective, which is the world I now inhabit and love.

To start: 40 words at 40: Me then v Me Now

Burnout – Stress – Chronic Illness – Chaos – Stuck – Fear – Anxiety – Trapped – Lawyer – Doubt – Missing Out – No Confidence  – Lost – Helpless – No Voice – Uncertain.

Choice – Change – Possibility – Transformation – Mind Body Connection – Neurology – Belief – Expectation – Gentleness – Happiness – Mindset – Thoughts – Wellness – Calm – Compassion – Awareness –Joy –  Coach

The me back then, 12-15 years ago, was lost. She was burnt out, stressed out, chaotic, anxious, working herself into ground and struggling to find her voice. She didn’t know, or at least didn’t dare say or even acknowledge to herself, what she truly wanted. She was totally and utterly disconnected from herself.

Perhaps she was just young, busy with her life. There’s the kind, compassionate voice shining out.

Fast forward 15 years, as I start my next decade, I am a very different person. It took a major chronic illness to stop me in my tracks and to see a different way of being. And whilst I wish I hadn’t lost 3 years of my life to that illness, it taught me so much.

It didn’t happen overnight but gradually over the last decade, I have become much more aligned with my true values and desires. I am ever more committed to living a life of my choosing, of joy in the small thing, of hope rooted in the deep belief that change is possible when you put your mind to it.

It may sound clichéd but it really does fuel me. Thanks to the science of the mind body connection, how we think intricately affects how we feel and behave. If we have a habit, a behaviour or even a symptom, relationship or situation that we do not like, we have the power to change it through transforming our experience of it.

We are the keepers of our unconscious minds. It is down to us to use our minds to support us in our quest for the life we want most. We can curate our mindset by altering our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. By doing so, we shift our energy and ultimately our experience.

At the same time, life is about compassion. Compassion for our former selves, for our current selves, for those around us, near and far. We are all simply doing our best with what we currently know. We meet ourselves in the place where we are right now.

If we choose, we can transform from there to take us to where we want to be if the two are not currently aligned.

And that in a nutshell, is the mindset with which I joyfully enter my next decade.